Saturday, May 29, 2010

Gurgaon it is...

It's been a long pending first post from my side, which my blogger account was waiting for and what better way to start of by jotting down my experiences while moving and staying up north in gurgaon. It's almost one and half months since i moved along with a couple of my colleagues @ ThoughtWorks up here to start working out of our newly setup office/business center and has been quite a ride i must admit.

Gurgaon, the suburb adjoining Delhi, is a fast growing hub for all big-wig MNC's with high rises and construction visible all around. At first glance it would easily be compared to a US suburb. Some of the things that strike you immediately in a couple of days are:

- Offices of a lot of big names in the industry.
- The heat in the summers(40 degree celcius + @ 9:00 in the night) which leaves not much option for you but to stay indoors. This followed by dust storms coming out of nowhere.
- Lack of any public transport system in the whole of gurgaon. No buses, auto-rikshaws....only cabs plying on streets.
- It's easy to find a wine/beer shop or a property consultant round the corner, in fact you can find them everywhere, but really difficult to find a grocery store/local kirana shops anywhere.
People only shop in malls and there are plenty of them popping up in the city to a point where you start confusing between their names..:P

We have moved into a business center @ golf course link road till we are a size-able number to move into an office space of our own. We are always on the hunt for good talent to join us and you can checkout the openings @ and know more about us @ You can also get in touch with me at Having good fun getting involved with the day to day operations of setting up our new office and will keep you posted on my learnings/musings from the same.

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