Sunday, November 21, 2010

Total It Up! Our first android App....

Anand agrawal and me always wanted to try our hands at developing an android application and the itch to do that was even more with Anand eventually buying the coveted Nexus One android phone. Now came the difficult task of actually zeroing in on what would be an application which would actually end up being useful for not just us but also good enough for people to use and catering to a need. In simple words not just a dummy app to play around with but something useful that could be put up on the android market place.

Voila! and the idea finally stuck us after intense brainstorming over lot many options and we now have an application called Total it Up! in the android market place. This is what it tries to solve.

Problem: While going out during team outings, with friends or just in a group, some people tend to pay up the bills and expenses incurred during the outing. Now lets say in a group of 7 people each one of us ended up paying up for something during the outing. Now, how do you divide the expenses incurred by those individuals and calculate the amount that each one owes ?? Its painstaking to do and follow a track of, and unless you do so you would end up forgetting
what you paid for and who owes you how much !!

Total it Up to the rescue: With the burgeoning user base for android based phones we decide to build up an android app which would solve just this problem. So using the app you can now capture the participants involved in the outing from you contact list on the phone and mark the expenses incurred by each one for which all participants. For eg: if anand, chandan, KK and atul go out for an outing and chandan pay for the movie tickets for all, while KK and atul pay for the dinner for all then we can feed this info into the app and the app would come up with the most optimised transactions/payments that are required by the participants to repay the expenses to those who paid for them. Isn't that awesome !! And wait, not only that you could use your contact details in the phone to send out the reminders and expenses to all the participants. Thats what is called ease and simplicity and no more hassles tracking it manually!!

Links to the app:

App Screenshots:

Please do go ahead and check out the app and post your comments and feedback. We plan to release a new version for the same with much more features and ease of use to track the expenses. Till then Total it Up!


Parag said...

Very interesting post... I too have been thinking of trying my hands with an Android app.

How long did it take you to create the application?

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